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Website created by Prof Edward Tobias.

Author information:
Edward Tobias, Professor of Genetic Medicine (Medical Genetics), created (and delivers) the entire set of medical genetics lectures in Year 3 of the undergraduate medical course (i.e. 300 students per year) at the University of Glasgow, UK. He lectures on several other undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Recent teaching awards:
"Best College Teacher Award (2014)"
from the Student Representative Council 
"Best College Teacher Award (2013)"
from the Student Representative Council 
"Best Subject Area Award (2012)"
from the Student Representative Council 
"Teaching Excellence Award (2012)" from the Senate and Principal of the University of Glasgow. 
"Best Postgraduate Teaching Team" - Prospects UK (Nov 2013) 
He and his colleagues in the MSc in Medical Genetics (below) received an award for being judged to be one of the top four post-graduate teaching teams in the UK in the field of science.
Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (2012)
His students have also won several awards and prizes within and outside the university.  
His other roles include:

Clinical Director of the internationally renowned
MSc in Medical Genetics course at Glasgow University, attended by many overseas students
and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics with the
West of Scotland Regional Genetics Service