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Instructions for using your Product Code (found inside your new book, after scratching away the top coating from the card):
Close other software programs (applications) that are running on your computer.
Download and install the software program ("Vitalsource Bookshelf") that you will need in order to read the ebook.
Close the Vitalsource installation browser window.
Open the newly installed Vitalsource Bookshelf application/program e.g. by double-clicking on the new icon that may be visible on your desktop.
Register as a new user and either: (1) carefully enter your Product Code in the box called "Redemption Code" in the online registration form
or (2) after registering, from the "Account" drop-down menu at the top, select "Redeem code" (and then enter your Product Code).
You will then be able to download your Essential Medical Genetics e-book (i.e. the Wiley Desktop Edition).