This website provides (from the above menus):
  •    a guide and links to 70 useful genetic online resources/databases worldwide,
  •    information on new developments in medical genetics and 
  •    self-assessment questions.
The website accompanies these two textbooks:

Now used in 60 countries and adopted as a course textbook at several universities.
Book authors: Profs Edward Tobias, Michael Connor & Malcolm Ferguson-Smith

Medical Genetics for the MRCOG and Beyond - 2nd edition (March 2014)
Book authors: Profs Edward Tobias and Michael Connor. Book sections: 1. Basic principles; 2. Common situations; 3. Real-life clinical scenarios with potential medico-legal implications.
Website created by Prof Edward Tobias.

Image of protein-DNA interaction used with the kind permission of Professor Tom Ellenberger
(Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, Missouri, USA).

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